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We're looking for experts to contribute articles about topics like Browsers and Browser \'s extensions. ​​If you're a writer with professional experience in one of those fields, we'd love to hear from you.

To contribute to the blog, please read the guidance below and contact us

  • The content should be unique and actionable.
  • 1000+ words submitted in an editable Google Doc.
  • Feel free to include images and videos directly in the Google Doc
  • Include a bio (one or two sentences) with an image (minimum 250 x 250).
  • No more than two relevant links to your site in the article.
  • The article needs to be centered around one search keyword.
  • Spell-checked and fact-checked with sources cited (link to them) to back up arguments.
  • We might make edits as we see fit to conform to our style. We will remove any copy we view as self-promotional.
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